出身太陽能科技產業的 Russell,有著 IT 人對品質苛求不容許絲毫苟且的精神,卻也拋不掉天生浪漫的性格。
Russell 常說:「選豆要專研,烘焙靠專心,煮咖啡要專情」。

Russell came from Solar technology industry. The IT people not only have overcritical attitude of quality, but also keep their romantic of character.
By chance encounter Dr. Wang, Department of Agronomy, N.T.U., know deeply and obsessed in the world of specialty coffee.
Russell always said: “Choosing (coffee beans) by technocrat, roasting by attentive, brewing by undivided.”
The scholarly of specialty coffee and the general market coffee are very different. IT café inviting you to try a cup of specialty coffee,
no always bitter, taste thoroughly……you can feel the different tastes layers of taste buds.
Specialty coffee is really sexuality and charming.

「IT CAFÉ 旗艦館」很簡約,因為咖啡實在太複雜;很用心,因為這世界真心已經不多;很像家,因為您們需要一個放心的地方。
我們開放加盟經營,如果您認同、如果您有夢想, IT CAFÉ 將提供精品咖啡與美味料理的技術。

“IT CAFÉ flagship Pavilion” is very simple, because coffee is too complicated; very sincerely, because there is no much sincerity in this world; like home, because you need a place to rest assured.We are going to give you the franchise of IT CAFÉ. If you agree with our managing idea, if you have a dream, IT café will offer you the technology of specialty coffee and delicious food.

IT CAFÉ……It’s café


Now, drop everything
The heart empty out, drink a cup of really good coffee
Your heart and decided it tastes


Information Technology

Allowing zero tolerance inaccuracies, we produce for you in bean terminology, evenly grounded beans, presenting the most
fundamental elements of coffee to it’s finest.




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